Fess of escort ladies

2 hours

500 €

3 hours

650 €

4 hours

800 €

5 hours

900 €

6 hours

1000 €

7 hours

1100 €

8 hours

1200 €

9 hours

1300 €

10 hours

1400 €

11 hours

1450 €

12 hours

1500 €

13-18 hours

2000 €

19-24 hours

2400 €

1 Additional day

1300 €

1 week

8000 €

Minimum Booking Period

2 men / 1 companion model

Double fee

1 gentleman / 2 escort models

The fee for the model

1 pair / 1 companion model

1.5 times the fee

Residence / home base of the escort lady

2 hours

Drive up to 50 km

3 hours

Travel up to 100 km within Germany

4 hours

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